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Basketball match

Pre K - K/ 1st & 2nd 3V3 

For most players at this age its the first time playing a sport, Regardless most players in this age range have the motor skills to make decisions when to dribble, shoot or pass. Our Philosophy will prepare participating kids with practice, drills & games. 


3rd-5th 3V3

At this age many players lack the consistency of the game play & reps that create knowledge of the game. Believe Athletics solves this problem with a year round league that allows constant game play, clinic practice & technical fundamentals to create individual success. 

3rd-6th & UP

At this age we can begin to divide players who want to become more elite. Players can be selected for our high level inhouse teams, fit programs, fast IT, fundamental athletic sports specific technique & individual training will allow a player to play & perform at the highest level. wins and losses now count.  


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